THE Card

 As part of our efforts to reward our loyal customer, THE Group would like to offer you THE Card, THE Group’s very own loyalty program that offers our customers a high range of exclusive offers and discounts from our partners.

Points Collection Mechanism

THE Card points can be collected through buying from THE Group’s five brands (Cozmo, BHS, Hamleys, Readers and Cozmo Home). Every JOD 1 you spend in Cozmo will be transformed into 10 points and every JOD 1 you spend in BHS, Hamleys, Readers and Cozmo Home will be transformed into 15 points.

After collecting 10,000 points, points will be transformed into vouchers to buy from any of THE Group brands.

Reaching the 50,000 points will upgrade your card into “THE Gold Card” which will then allow you to exchange your points into vouchers and prizes.

Other Benefits 

Your ownership of THE Card also entitles you to benefit from a variety of discounts from our partners which include: Hilton Dead Sea, Guinot Beauty Center, Fitness One, Freddy For Music, Berlitz Center, Bridgestone, Escape Hunt, Kais Center, Deeritna Express, Lemon Abdoun, KABS, Live Sushi, Zen Gourmet, Tumayr, E Fit


If you have any other inquiries about THE Card, don’t hesitate to call us on 065501240 - Ext: 1100 and we’ll be more than happy to assist.