As part of our values, we always explore new ideas to give back to the community through CSR ideas, projects and initiatives.

 Accordingly, one of the projects that are currently operating is the recycling center that started earlier last year in partnership with BE environmental services to always have a positive impact on our planet!

 Another CSR project that was also launched in partnership with Under My Olive Tree foundation & Aramex is the donation bins located at Cozmo 7th circle entrance. The purpose behind launching such a project is to let people participate in giving back to the community whether by donating clothes, books, toys or anything that may people need and benefit from.

 It’s worth mentioning that we at Cozmo are always mindful about occasional and non-occasional events that occur in Jordan whether it’s religious or national, meeting the various cultural differences that build up the Jordanian community.

 “Pass it on Initiative” is one of the long-term initiatives that is already operating, established by THE Group to promote charitable giving in the community by simplifying the process of donating much-needed goods to impoverished or struggling members of the community by allowing Cozmo customers the facility to donate used clothes, toys, books to underprivileged families and areas throughout the kingdom.