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Healthy Breakfast

A light healthy breakfast to start your weekend feeling great. This combination of high fiber and nutrients comes with a delicious granola mix and skimmed milk that goes perfectly with it. Topped off with nutritious apples, bananas and peanut butter, not to forget some Greek yogurt and dates, this is a breakfast not to be missed.

20 JOD
available online
Continental Breakfast

A delectable continental breakfast to satisfy your sweet tooth. This mouth-watering breakfast comes complete with crisp croissants and fresh pastries and baguettes from our bakery, a variety of cold cuts and cheese from the deli and an array of jams, honey and butter to complement each bite. Add a delicious glass of orange juice, you’ve got the perfect meal to start your day.

15 JOD(Per Piece)
available online
Manaeesh Breakfast

A simply delicious breakfast to set the mood for a great weekend. Indulge in delicious cheese and zaatar manaeesh from our bakery, freshly prepared so you can savor each bite. Add a hot cup of tea and you’re guaranteed to have a breakfast you can really enjoy.

12 JOD(Per Piece)
available online
Oriental Breakfast

A traditional oriental breakfast to start your weekend on a delicious note. Enjoy our fresh taboon bread from the bakery, accompanied by labaneh, cheese, and olives from the deli. Sample our sweet halawa, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, and even hummus and foul you can prepare yourself for a fresh delicious meal. Top it off with a hot cup of tea prepared with our freshest mint, and you’ve got yourself a perfect breakfast.

10 JOD(Per Piece)
available online